I have not heard of Denplan before, have they taken over my dentist?

No, Your dentist is still independent. Denplan is the UK’s leading provider of payment plans for patients. We handle the administration of setting up patients’ Direct Debits, collecting them from the banks and passing payment onto your dental practice. This leaves your dentist free to focus time and resources on patient care.

My child has never needed a filling. Why should I pay for dentistry?

As a child develops, oral health can change rapidly. The philosophy is that education and preventative dentistry help to stop problems before they start. In the event that treatment is needed, Plans for Children can provide you with an affordable way of ensuring your child can receive appropriate treatment included under the plan at the right time.

I already have private health insurance which covers my child so can I opt out of Supplementary Insurance and Denplan’s Insurance Services and pay a reduced amount?

No, because these items are mandatory. There may be some elements of the Supplementary Insurance and Insurance Services that your child will benefit from with us, that they are unable to do with any other policy.

How do I register my child onto Plans for Children?

It’s simple, the best way is to contact your child’s dentist to arrange an appointment (or simply mention it at the next appointment). The dentist will discuss your child’s dental care with you and advise you of the cost. He or she will ask you to sign an agreement with them and complete a Direct Debit mandate as part of the application form which is sent to Denplan. Once this has been received you will have the additional benefit that your child will be covered by Supplementary Insurance.