Routine and preventative dental care

  • all check ups
  • all X-rays
  • all necessary fillings
  • all hygienist visits (including scale and polishes)
  • preventative advice, therapy and counselling
  • all routine extractions
  • Major restorative care

Peridontal and surgical treatment

  • crowns (excluding laboratory fees)
  • bridges (excluding laboratory fees)
  • dentures (excluding laboratory fees)
  • inlays (excluding laboratory fees)
  • root fillings

Worldwide emergency cover

  • 24 hour worldwide emergency helpline
  • accident cover up to £10,000 per incident
  • emergency treatment cover up to £630 per annum

Hospital cash payment

  • £60 cash for every night spent in hospital under the care of a consultant dental surgeon

Oral cancer cover

  • patients under the age of 60: oral cancer treatment costs up to £12,000
  • patients over the age of 60: oral cancer treatment costs up to £6,000
  • smokers are not excluded from this offer

Additional services

  • 24 hour Helpline
  • complaints handling and arbitration

The above information is taken from Denplan’s information booklet which together with your dentist will answer any questions you have about Denplan.